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This is the website of composer and sound artist Hywel Davies.  It is relatively new, and so probably won't work that well on a phone, yet.  Any questions/queries please contact me at

On this Home page there is an artist statement, bits of news, the other pages contain information about my work, and some things to listen to.  There are more things to listen to on my Soundcloud page.

ARTIST STATEMENT There are two strands to my creative work: composing in the western European classical (notated) tradition and the making of sound installations, the majority of which are site-responsive. Installations have been made for galleries, various architectural spaces, public buildings and outdoors within the natural environment.


In some of my composed works there are elements of controlled chance (aleatoricism) where certain key performance decisions are left to the performer(s).


This element of chance can also be found in many of my installations, where recorded sounds of different durations might play simultaneously (for example, from a number of CD players) and unsynchronised, creating an ever-changing sound environment that may not repeat exactly for weeks, months or years. This, combined with distribution of sound sources at different physical positions within a space, potentially offers a unique experience of the piece for each individual audience member.


My sound installations often involve working directly with communities to acquire a mixture of locally-gathered ‘found’/environmental sound, interviews and composed music written for and performed by local performance groups both amateur and professional.'


February 2024

I am very happy to share that Wells Cathedral are commissioning me to write a a new set of responses for their junior choir and cathedral choir to perform together

16, 17 MARCH 16,17 MARCH 2023

The covid-delayed premiere of THE VOYAGE OF THE ARGO (Part one) is finally happening, this dramatic oratorio was commissioned by Tonbridge School and is scored for all 800 students (unchanged male voices, treble choir three soloists and orchestra directed by Mark Forkgen




Carol time again! 

These are the new ones, plus two performances of Blake's Cradle Song at Wells Cathedral.

10/14 December - Out of the blossom sprang a thorn - Exultate! - St James Priory Bristol, premiere and second/third performances

17 December - Farewell! Advent - Swan Singers - Farmborough Church - premiere

17/21/22/23 December - Carol of the bells (arrangement) - Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Chorus, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Chorus, Royal Liverpool Philharminc Orchestra 'Spirit of Christmas' premiere and subsequent performances

20 December - This is the day (Hodie) - London Concert Choir - premiere

22/23 December - Blake's Cradle Song - Wells Cathedral Choir

January 2022

I am very happy to share the news that the excellent QUAD Gallery in Derby are to be my R&D partner for my DYCP project - now called HOMESPUN.

December 2021

It's carol time.  This year I am lucky enough to have three world premieres and one UK premiere.  Thanks to the choirs and choral directors for having a punt on new work.

O Oriens - the choir of St John the Baptist's Church, Glastonbury, directed by Matthew Redman (World Premiere)

Sweet was the song - Swan Singers, directed by Patricia Rees-Jones, All Saint's Church, Farmborough (UK Premiere)

Blake's Cradle Song - Canticum, directed by Mark Forkgen, St Saviour's, Pimlico (World Premiere)

Somerset Wassail - the choir of St John the Baptist's Church, Glastonbury, directed by Matthew Redman (World Premiere)

November 2021

PILGRIM, the outdoor installation at Mottisfont Abbey (National Trust), is up and running again after a break for summer activities.  This is the last planned period on installation which will last until April 2022.  So still plenty of opportunity to experience the work.

August 2021

My application to Arts Council England for a Develop Your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant has been successful.  As the name of the fund suggests, the fund seeks to extent existing practice.  For me this is research and development into enabling the realising of multi-source sound installations in the domestic context using existing web-ready devices.  I am currently looking for a R&D partner for the pilot.


July 2020

PILGRIM - it is now possible to visit the outdoor element of this new sound installation made for the Beech Circle at Mottisfont Abbey (National Trust).  The work opened at the end of January 2020, but access was suspended from the end of March to mid-July as a result of COVID-19 lockdown.  To visit you will need to book in advance here [add link].

JUNE 2022

WORLD PREMIERE Of myorchesrralarrangement ofPIAZZOLLA'S MUSIC for a Midsummernight's dreamis being premiered by the RLPO conducted by Clark Rundell



VOYAGE OF THE ARGO (Part One) - the first performances of this new, hour-long dramatic oratorio have been postponed because of Coronavirus.  The work, scored for 3 soloists,massed men's voices (all the pupils in the school was commissioned by Tonbridge School.

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